Elizabethton to Spruce Pine

There are 5 planning sections in the Elizabethton to Spruce Pine study area:

Future Gap Creek Park and Trailhead to Gap Creek
Road/US 19E

  • Key Connections: Gap Creek Park, Cherokee National Forest, Little Doe River
  • Key Corridors: TN-362, Gap Creek, Gap Creek Road

Gap Creek Road/US 19E to Roan Mountain Community
Park and Trailhead

  • Key Connections: Doe River, Cherokee National Forest, Community of Roan Mountain, Roan Mountain Community Park¬†
  • Key Corridors: Little Doe River, US Hwy 19E, Doe River

Roan Mountain Community Park and Trailhead to Powdermill Creek Road

  • Key Connections: Hampton Creek, Cherokee National Forest, Yellow Mountain Gap, Appalachian Trail, Pisgah National Forest, Roaring Creek
  • Key Corridors: Hampton Creek, Hampton Creek Road, Roaring Creek, Roaring Creek Road

Powdermill Creek Road to Green Valley Community Park

  • Key Connections: North Toe River, Pisgah National Forest, Community of Plumtree, Yellow Mountain State Natural Area, Green Valley Community Park
  • Key Corridors: US Hwy 19E, North Toe River

Green Valley Community Park to Halltown Trailhead

  • Key Connections: Pisgah National Forest, NCWRC Pisgah Game Lands
  • Key Corridors: US Hwy 19E, North Toe River, Henredon Road

The following organizations are assisting with the planning process:

The Overmountain Victory Trail Association, Overmountain Victory North Carolina State Trail Friends, Blue Ridge Resource Conservation and Development, National Park Service, and local governments and non-profits have come together to develop a plan for the Overmountain Victory National Historic Trail & North Carolina State Trail that will connect Elizabethton, Tennessee, to Spruce Pine, North Carolina. The trail will connect the communities of Tiger Valley, White Rock, Roan Mountain, Roaring Creek, Plumtree, Spear, and Ingalls to the Overmountain Victory Trail system and the Roan Highlands via Yellow Mountain Gap.

Morganton to Rutherfordton section map