Rutherfordton to Chesnee

The Overmountain Victory National Historic Trail commemorates the 1780 march of over 2,000 horse-mounted patriots to the Revolutionary War battle at Kings Mountain.

There are 5 planning sections in the Rutherfordton to Chesnee study Area:

Rutherfordton to Mountain Creek

  • Key Connections: Thermal Belt Rail Trail, Downtown Rutherfordton, Kiwanis Park, Rutherfordton Golf Course
  • Key Corridors: Downtown Rutherfordton Main Street

Mountain Creek to Hwy 74

  • Key Connections: Bradley Nature Preserve at Alexander’s Ford, Grays Road River Access
  • Key Corridors: Broad River

Hwy 74 to Green Creek

  • Key Connections: Tryon International Equestrian Center, Overmountain Victory Vineyards
  • Key Corridors: Green River and NC Highway 9

Green Creek to NC/SC State Line

  • Key Connections: NC/SC State Line
  • Key Corridors: Chesnee Highway

NC/SC State Line to Chesnee

  • Key Connections: Downtown Chesnee, CADA Park
  • Key Corridors: Cherokee Foothills Scenic Byway

The Overmountain Victory Trail Association, in partnership with the National Park Service and local government leaders, are currently developing a Master Plan for the Overmountain Victory National Historic Trail from Rutherfordton, NC to Chesnee, SC. This study area aims to connect the Thermal Belt Rail Trail, downtown Rutherfordton, NC, Tryon International Equestrian Center, Bradley Nature Preserve at Alexander’s Ford, and downtown Chesnee, SC. Several alternative trail routes are being analyzed for feasibility of construction based on factors in the natural and built environments and the willingness of landowners to provide for the trail.